As you no doubtfully gathered from my bio, and if you haven't read it, allow me to restate how very lucky I feel to call Harbour Dance Centre home. From 1985, when I attended classes as a VERY young student when they opened, to today as a co-owner of this Canadian institution. HDC is for everyone. Yes Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have been here, but your 65 year old grandmother can start tap dancing for the first time and not feel the least bit intimidated.

Have you grown tired of the gym? Why not consider sweating it out in a hip hop class?  Are you dreaming of that leotard and tights ballet outfit to jeté across the room? Or, do you need a little tuning up for the next Justin Bieber tour dancer audition? Age, gender, race and skill level….it doesn’t matter, just dance.

Moe Brody Teacher Harbour Dance Centre
Moe Brody Teacher Harbour Dance Centre 2



Under my direction, the Intensive Training Program (ITP) at Harbour has been flourishing for the past 5 years. It is the next step in dance training subsequent to graduating from high school. Along with further detail training in dance, we work to equip all ITP students with accompanying information and skills needed to pursue a career in the commercial dance industry. 

Everything from circus, improv, fitness, acting and singing to US Visa’s, resumés, auditioning and agents (just to name a few). Can’t decide if dance is a career for you? Give us 10 months and you’ll know for certain.